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Welcome to the Moonshot Wiki

Moonshot is a technology, based on the IETF ABFAB open standards, that aims to enable federated access to virtually any application or service.

On this site you will find documentation for the various components of Moonshot, split into various spaces. Use the space browser below to choose the area of documentation that you're interested in.

For information on verifying package signing keys, please see this page.

Space: Home
Space: Moonshot
Documentation for the core Moonshot software.
Space: Project Updates
Updates around the Moonshot pilots within the Janet community and across the GÉANT community.
Space: Standards
Information about the standards on which Moonshot is based.
Space: Templates
Stores templates and snippets of instructions for use in the documentation
Space: Trust Router
Documentation a new technology for dynamically establishing trust within ABFAB federations.

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