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For developers and other individuals who choose to learn more about the details of Moonshot, we have the Advanced Information pages.  In this section, you will find more details about the technology underlying Moonshot, a detailed description of the architecture, information on how to get access to the source code, and some advanced how-to guides including how to build from source.


The Components of Moonshot

  • A detailed look at each of the components involved in Moonshot, including the requirements for each component and what each component does on the protocol level.

The Technologies of Moonshot

  • A detailed look at all of the technologies that underpin the Moonshot architecture, including how and why Moonshot makes use of each of them.

The Architecture of Moonshot & Its Protocol Flows

  • How all of the Moonshot components fit together, including the details on the layers of communications and what protocols flow between each of them.


  • A list of acronyms commonly used when describing Moonshot.

Further Reading

  • Direct pointers to the drafts and RFCs that describe the technology and architecture that inform Moonshot.

Advanced How-Tos

  • How-to guides for some of the more advanced or custom aspects of installing and configuring Moonshot, including building all of the components from source.

Developer Resources

  • Individuals who want to start working with the Moonshot code base can find instructions on how to access source code, gain commit access, and join the appropriate mailing lists on the Source Access pages.