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OpenSSH is a freely available version of the SSH connectivity tools, and is the standard version of SSH used by many Linux distributions. See for more information.


All of the instructions below assume that you have root access, and will work as the root user (either directly or using sudo).

The instructions on this page will replace the system provided OpenSSH packages with the Moonshot enabled ones (don't worry, standard SSH things will still work!).

Following the instructions on this page will give you a Moonshot-enabled OpenSSH Server only.

1. System Preparation

1.1. Add the Moonshot libraries.

If you have not already done so, you first need to follow the instructions on how to install Moonshot Libraries on a Linux Server.

1.2. Install prerequisites, download the sources, and build the software.

How you build a Moonshot-enabled version of the OpenSSH server will differ depending on your OS. See the relevant pages for your particular distribution:

2. Installation and Configuration Instructions

The installation and configuration instructions for this version of the OpenSSH server are unchanged from those in the repository.

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