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To enable Moonshot authentication on your Application or Service, you need to install the Moonshot libraries, configure them to talk to a Moonshot RP Proxy, and configure your application to use them.

If you haven't yet got a Moonshot RP Proxy available to be used by your Application or Service, then you will need to first Install and Configure a Moonshot Relying Party Proxy.


Installing Moonshot Libraries on a Server

  • These pages include information on how to install the necessary software components on the server running your Application/Service that you wish to enable for Moonshot authentication.

Configure Moonshot Libraries on a Server

  • Once the Moonshot Libraries have been installed, they need configuring - including configuring them to talk to a local Moonshot RP Proxy.

Configure your Application/Service to use Moonshot

  • How to configure your application or service so that it can use Moonshot for authentication.

User Account Mapping Options

  • Many applications or services make use of local accounts to manage authorisation policy. The various options exist about how to map incoming federated identities to these local accounts are discussed here.