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Welcome to Moonshot!

Moonshot is an open standards-based platform that takes identity federation and single sign on beyond the web and into remote access, email, instant messaging, file sharing, and more.

We build upon existing mature and well-understood technologies, joining them together to create a fabric to federate anything and everything.

This wiki space introduces you to Moonshot and its protocols and provides information on how to deploy it in a sustainable, scalable fashion within your organisation.

Introduction to Moonshot

  • What is Moonshot and how can it help your organization?  Start here for an introduction to the project, the technology, and the team.

Advanced Information

  • Dive deeper into the technology that supports Moonshot.

Installation and How-to Guides

  • If you are ready to start your installations, this section includes links to the Live DVDs, configuration information, application information, and more.

Accessibility Statement

Support and Discussion Lists

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