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The Moonshot libraries need to be installed on any system running an Application/Service for which you wish to enable Moonshot authentication. These libraries provide the Moonshot GSS-API/SSPI/SASL mechanisms on the system, allowing any application that makes use of these security services to interface to the world of Moonshot.


Although we have separate instructions for installing the Moonshot libraries on a client and a server, they are in fact the same software packages - only the configuration steps differ.

Supported Operating Systems

Moonshot ships as RPM and Deb repositories for Linux, and as installers for Windows and macOS.

Alternatively, you can build from source. You can find out which particular versions of Linux, macOS and Windows are supported on the following pages:

Install the Moonshot Libraries

Installing the Moonshot libraries is a relatively simple task - there is an installer available for Windows, macOS and RPM and Deb repositories available for Linux.

Building from Source

If you cannot use any of the above packages, or just wish to build everything yourself, then building from source is another option - but only recommended for the technically adventurous.