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The Moonshot GSS libraries are not compatible with all versions of Linux. This page lists the status of each known version.


1. Key

In the tables below, the following icons have the following meanings:

  • (tick) - Moonshot is available for this version of Linux through a repository and has been tested and verified as working.
  • (error) - Moonshot is not available for this version of Linux, and is known not to work (at least, not without a large amount of custom work).
  • (warning) - Moonshot is currently not available for this version of Linux, but we are working on it!
  • (question) - Moonshot has not been tested on this version of Linux yet. Let us know if you have tried it!

2. Compatibility

The information in this section is subject to our software support policy.

Version64 bit32 bitNotes
Alpine Linux 3.7(warning)(warning)Packages have been built, upstream and packaging work needed
CentOS 6(tick)(tick)YUM repository available
CentOS 7(tick) YUM repository available
Debian 8(tick) Debian repository available
Debian 9(tick) Debian repository available
Fedora 26(warning) Packages have been built, upstream work needed
Raspbian 9(tick)(tick)Raspbian repository available
RHEL 6(tick)(tick)YUM repository available
RHEL 7(tick) YUM repository available
Scientific Linux 6(tick)(tick)YUM repository available
Scientific Linux 7(tick) YUM repository available
Ubuntu 12.04 LTS(tick)(tick)Using the Debian 7 repository (support ends 31 May 2018)
Ubuntu 14.04 LTS(tick)(tick)Using the Ubuntu 13.04 repository
Ubuntu 16.06 LTS(question)(question)Custom packages available, contact us