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For Moonshot entities to communicate, there must be some kind of trust infrastructure in place that both ends of the transaction are a part of. 

At its simplest, this could be a simple, manually managed set of RADIUS relationships; i.e., each pair of Moonshot entities that wish to communicate have RADIUS configuration -- an IP address and a shared key -- for each other. This can be better scaled using a hierarchical RADIUS infrastructure (such as that used by eduroam), but that also has limitations: every entity in the infrastructure can communicate with every other one, and all communications typically flow over the infrastructure.

Trust Router is a novel technology, built on Moonshot, that gives some significant advantages over other types of infrastructure:

  • It allows Moonshot entities to communicate with other Moonshot entities that currently do not have RADIUS configuration for each other, but that are a part of the same Trust Router network.
  • All communications ultimately happen bi-laterally; they do not flow over any central infrastructure.
  • Communities can be layered atop the basic infrastructure enabling policy control over which entities can communicate based on shared Community membership.

Therefore, it is recommended, though not required, that this trust infrastructure be provided by the Trust Router.

To find out more about the Trust Router, visit the Trust Router space. Work In Progress