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Most parts of Moonshot are open source, released under the BSD license. This page gives details on how to get source access.

If you are new to Moonshot, we recommend starting with the Live DVD images.  The instructions for installing the necessary libraries and packages, and modifying the appropriate configuration files, are still under development.


Source Access

Moonshot uses launchpad to manage the software project at  The master git repository is available at git://

Obtaining Commit Access

In general, commit access is available to anyone making significant contributions to the project.

To obtain commit access, please send an ssh public key to Please do this securely, such as by:

  • sending an HTTPS pointer to the public key for a URI that you obviously control and that lives on a server with a valid and verifiable certification path.
  • sending the key in a GPG-signed message with a key in the strong set.
  • sending the key in a S/MIME signed message with a S/MIME certificate that can be validated to a public root.

If you don't have a mechanism for sending such a secure key, send one anyway; we will work something out.

Bug Tracking

There are several bug tracking sites for various components of Moonshot, including:

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