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Moonshot has a number of 'moving parts'.  This section provides links to both a Troubleshooting FAQ as well as a script (under development) to help you test your installation before you go live.

Common Failures

  • A troubleshooting FAQ

Moonshot Deployment Readiness Script

  • How to automate the testing of your Moonshot deployment

Step-by-step troubleshooting guides

Test service

The primary use case for Moonshot has been federated non-web authentication and authorisation.

The easiest way to test this is with SSH (either OpenSSH or PuTTY). Jisc has a public SSH service that is registered on the Assent network.

To access it, use these details:


Username: moonshot

The only command available is 'exit' to terminate the connection.

A successful connection will yield the following banner:

Successful connection
*** JISC Moonshot Test SSH Server ***
You have successfully logged in with Moonshot.
You are user: moonshot
Sample OpenSSH command-line
ssh -Kv4

Raising issues

  • For general problems, please join the MOONSHOT-COMMUNITY@JISCMAIL.AC.UK mailing list and describe your problem.
  • For development issues, please join the MOONSHOT-DEV@JISCMAIL.AC.UK mailing list.
  • If you know the problem is a bug, please raise the bug at Ubuntu Launchpad.

Moonshot Migration Guide for Janet and GÉANT pilot users

  • How to migrate your existing pre-v1.4 trust router infrastructure to v1.4 

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