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Moonshot consists of three main components: the client accessing a service, the service being accessed, and the Identity Provider (IdP) that authenticates the user. There will also be a trust infrastructure of some kind that helps services find IdPs. These pages will help you learn more information about each of these components.


Overview of components

Diagram of the four main Moonshot components and how they fit together

Further detail about each component


  • Software that exists on the user’s device (e.g., laptop) that make up both the start and end point of a Moonshot transaction. For example, an SSH client.

Relying Party (Service)

  • The service that the client attempts to connect to; this consists of the service itself (for example an SSH server), and its RP Proxy.

Identity Provider

  • An authoritative source of identity information for users affiliated with an organisation.

Trust Infrastructure

  • One of several ways of establishing trust between Moonshot entities. Trust Router is recommended, but others exist. [Work In Progress]




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