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An integral part of the Moonshot infrastructure is the Trust Router. Every server using the Trust Router network must authenticate itself to the Trust Router before it is able to initiate a Trust Router query. Because trust and the premise that every server connecting to the Trust Router is who they claim to be are vital to the infrastructure, connections must be configured precisely, and it is often the case that a small misconfiguration will prevent connections from functioning. 

This article is intended to make troubleshooting both the server and the client portions of the Temporary ID part of the infrastructure easier by providing the common errors seen and their common causes and solutions.

The article applies to both Identity Providers and Relying Party Proxies.

Troubleshooting the Temporary ID server (TIDS)

  • The server runs as a daemon and listens to incoming trust router connections from both the Trust Router and other hosts on the network

Troubleshooting the Temporary ID client (TIDC)

  • The client is invoked by RP proxies and ID Providers to initiate trust router connections.