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Welcome to Trust Router!

Trust Router is a novel technology, based on Moonshot, that acts as a trusted introducer service for federated entities that have never communicated before. It consists of a network of Trust Routers that have policy-based relationships with each other, and allows federated entities to discover each other transitively through the whole Trust Router network. Once a trusted path is found, it enables the two entities to securely establish keying material that allows them to securely communicate directly.

This wiki space introduces you to Trust Router and how it fits in the Moonshot architecture, along with information how to install, configure, and manage it.

Introduction to Trust Router

  • What is Trust Router?  Start here for an introduction to the technology.

Advanced Information

  • Dive deeper into the Trust Router technology.

Installation and How-to Guides

  • If you are ready to start your installations, this section includes links to configuration information, application information, and more.

Support and Discussion Lists


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