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What is the Trust Router?

The Trust Router is, in its most basic form, a trust broker. It allows two parties, the Relying Party and the Identity Provider, who do not know each other or of each other, to negotiate trust by only having a trust relationship with the Trust Router infrastructure.

The Trust Router builds on Moonshot technology as its authentication mechanism, issuing keys and constraints to both parties using the custom TID protocol.

It is being developed by Janet, the UK's National Research Education Network, in collaboration with a number of partners from around the world.

The Benefits of the Trust Router

For Administrators

  • The only trust relationship is with your national research and education network (NREN) and its trust router.
  • No requirement to keep metadata up to date or having to trust a hierarchical infrastructure.
  • Once trust has been established between two parties, all traffic flows encrypted between the two parties without a third party involved.

More information

For more advanced information about the Trust Router, visit the Advanced Information page.

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