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Check the following:
  1. You are running the newest version of the trust router and Moonshot software. If you were part of the Moonshot Pilot Workshop in February 2014, you must update your software to the newest version as Trust Router 1.2 is not forward compatible.
  2. You have installed the dbus-x11 package. This package is not installed as part of the package dependencies, but it is part of the instructions in Section 2 of the platform-specific instructions for Install an Identity Provider. It is a client library and will not require the installation of the X11 system.
  3. You have the FreeRADIUS user (freerad on Debian systems, radiusd on RHEL systems) listed in /etc/moonshot/flatstore-users.
  4. You have imported the Trust Router credentials using the moonshot-webp command as the FreeRADIUS user in Section 4.4.1 of Install an IdP on Debian 7. To verify you have, execute ls -la ~/.local/share/moonshot-ui/identities.txt as the FreeRADIUS user, and you should see the file listed.
  5. You are running the TIDC command as the FreeRADIUS user and that you have run the unset DISPLAY command before running the TIDC command.
  6. If your service is firewalled, check that TCP ports 2083 and 12309 are open both in- and outbound, and that the public IP address is the one you gave Adam Bishop. Ideally, your firewall should also support hairpinning.
  7. If you use Network Address Translation (NAT), check that you are forwarding TCP ports 2083 and 12309 both in- and outbound, and that the public IP address is the one you gave Adam BishopJisc.



I can't seem to be able to connect my service to the trust router infrastructure. I get the following error when running the TIDC command:


  1. There appears to be a problem with the ID Provider realm that you specified.
  2. Check that:
    1. the value you specified on the command-line matches the ID Provider realm you specified in the portal or asked Adam Bishop Jisc to register for you in the portal
    2. the ID Provider server name and IP address you specified in the portal or to Adam Bishop are correct for your IdP server, and that they are accessible from anywhere on ports tcp/2083 and tcp/12309
    3. you have not specified your RP realm by accident, if it differs from your ID Provider realm.