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Some intro to this section.

Configure a Client device to use Moonshot

  • How to install and configure the necessary software components to connect to Moonshot-enabled services, and how to install and use the Identity Selector.



The Moonshot Identity Provider and Relying Party Proxy components are generally pieces of infrastructure that have to be in place before an Application/Service can use Moonshot. Here you can find instructions on how to deploy each of these components.


If you're not sure about which component(s) you need, visit the Overview of Moonshot Components page to learn about them.

Deploy a Moonshot Identity Provider

  • How to install and configure a Moonshot Identity Provider so that your users can make use of their local credentials in a Moonshot environment


Deploy a


Relying Party Proxy

  • How to install and configure a Moonshot Relying Party RP Proxy so that your application or service can use Moonshot for authentication.




How to deploy each of the individual components of Moonshot.


Installing and Configuring Moonshot Libraries 

Installing and Configuring a Moonshot Identity Provider

Configure a Client


Page to contain:

  • Installing the libraries and identity selector - Aimed at users who have to do this. Needs instructions for various flavours/versions of each OS LinuxMacWindows
  • Configuring a Moonshot client - Not much to do, but a few options to exist. e.g. debug options
  • User guide for Identity Selector - Aimed at users, not deployers. How to use the thing…
  • Enterprise deployment options  - Aimed at deployers. Instructions for installing id selector enterprise wide, and pushing out credentials to client devices.
  • Troubleshooting client devices


Install a Moonshot RP

  •  Using your Moonshot IdP as a Moonshot RP - If you have an IdP, this is easy!
  • Installing and configuring a standalone Moonshot RP
    • Installing and configuring FreeRADIUS (Debian based; RHEL/CentOS based)
  •  Connecting to a Trust Router
  • Troubleshooting a Moonshot RP 

Configure Applications/Services

  • An overview of Enabling Applications to use Moonshot
  • Setting up a server hosting an app/service to use Moonshot
  • Mapping users from a federated ID to a local user
  • Application Compatibility List