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The Trust Router and those entities authorised to access it are managed through the Trust Router's trust.cfg configuration filefiles. This These configuration file specifies the files specify the trust router configuration, the communities of interest, the registered identity realms and the servers that answer for those realms, and the service realms used by both the identity providers and the RP Proxies. The configuration file also specifies realm and domain filters and constraints. In newer versions of Trust Router, the configuration files also specify static or dynamic routing information

The file is usually auto-generated from information held in a database, but in small configurations, it is possible to manually maintain the file and its constituent portions.

The Version 1.0 of Trust Router currently reads this file only once , when it loads. Any , and any changes to the file require a restart of the Trust Router. Versions 2.0 and later of Trust Router monitor the configuration for changes and dynamically reload the configuration depending on their settings.

 The Trust Router configuration file and format