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On this page you will find instructions on how to install the Moonshot libraries on a Debian, Raspbian, or Ubuntu system, in order to enable applications/services on that system to perform Moonshot based authentication.


Assumptions and Prerequisites

  • This guide assumes you have an up-to-date Debian or Ubuntu based system (a minimal install will do) and that you have a Moonshot RP Proxy (this could be a Moonshot IDP) available to connect to.
  • This guide assumes you have root access to the Linux device. This is required as new software needs to be installed system-wide.

1. System Preparation

1.1. Add the Moonshot Repository

Supported versions

At the moment, we support Debian/Raspbian (9 and 10) and Ubuntu (16.04, 18.04, and 20.04).

  1. Add the Moonshot Debian repository to your system. To do this, run the following command (as root, or using sudo):

    Debian 9
    dpkg -i moonshot-repository.debian9.deb
    Debian 10
    dpkg -i moonshot-repository.debian10.deb
    Raspbian 9
    dpkg -i moonshot-repository.raspbian9.deb
    Raspbian 10
    dpkg -i moonshot-repository.raspbian10.deb
    Ubuntu 18.04
    dpkg -i moonshot-repository.ubuntu18.deb
    Ubuntu 20.04
    dpkg -i moonshot-repository.ubuntu20.deb
  2. This installs the apt repository, the current Moonshot GPG key, and a package that can update both. This is the preferred method of deploying repository information.

    Verifying the Moonshot GPG key

    If you wish to verify the Moonshot GPG key's validity and integrity, please see the Packaging GPG Key for further details.

  3. Update the apt cache with the new repository information:

    apt-get update

2. Install Moonshot

We’re now ready to install the Moonshot software and its required dependencies. Install the software by running the following command:

apt-get install moonshot

3. Next Steps

3.1. Configure your Moonshot Libraries to connect to an RP Proxy

The Moonshot GSS-EAP mechanism needs to connect to a local Moonshot RP Proxy (RADIUS server) via RADIUS or RadSec in order to create the first hop between the service and the user's home IdP to allow authentication to happen. See the Configure a Linux Server to Connect to an RP Proxy page for instructions on how to do this.

3.2. Configure your Application/Service to use Moonshot

Finally, you may have to install/configure that application/service as necessary.