Some intro to this section.

Configure a Client device to use Moonshot

Install and Configure a Moonshot Identity Provider

Install and Configure a Moonshot Relying Party




How to deploy each of the individual components of Moonshot.


Installing and Configuring Moonshot Libraries 

Installing and Configuring a Moonshot Identity Provider

Configure a Client

Page to contain:

  • Installing the libraries and identity selector - Aimed at users who have to do this. Needs instructions for various flavours/versions of each OS LinuxMacWindows
  • Configuring a Moonshot client - Not much to do, but a few options to exist. e.g. debug options
  • User guide for Identity Selector - Aimed at users, not deployers. How to use the thing…
  • Enterprise deployment options  - Aimed at deployers. Instructions for installing id selector enterprise wide, and pushing out credentials to client devices.
  • Troubleshooting client devices


Install a Moonshot RP

Configure Applications/Services