Moonshot is not a single server- or client-side application.  It is a set of applications, libraries, and specific configurations that enable single-sign on for non-web applications.  It is recommended that new deployers start with the Live DVD images, which contain all of the components pre-installed onto a single image for testing. More advanced deployers can then install and configure the individual components.

Get started with Moonshot using the LiveDVD

For those new to Moonshot who want to see and test all of the components in one place, follow one of the links below to learn how to download or create your own version of our Live DVD.

OR ...

OR ...

Deploy Moonshot

For production deployments, learn how to install and configure each of the individual components of Moonshot.

Enable Moonshot within Applications/Services

This section includes information on how to configure your application or service to use Moonshot once you have the relevant Moonshot infrastructure in place.

Testing and Troubleshooting

If your Moonshot deployment is not working properly, here are pointers on how to troubleshoot your Moonshot deployment when things aren't working properly.