A Moonshot Identity Provider must be connected to a local identity store to be able to authenticate users. This page lists some of the options available to an Identity Provider administrator to achieve this.

FreeRADIUS offers many options to authenticate users; common ones include using a simple local flat file (useful for initial testing), or, for production deployments, using a credential store in an SQL database or a connection to LDAP or Active Directory.

To see the full range of options available in FreeRADIUS, and to find out how to configure them, visit the FreeRADIUS site.

To see a handy password protocol compatibility matrix, visit the DeployingRADIUS Protocol Compatibility Matrix.


Option 1 - Using the FreeRADIUS Users File

Option 2 - Using Active Directory

Option 3 - Using LDAP to Connect to a Directory

Option 4 - Using a SQL database