The Moonshot GSS libraries are unfortunately currently not compatible with any version of Mac OS. This is because the Moonshot GSS libraries are built to work with MIT Kerberos libraries while Mac OS ships with an alternative set of Kerberos libraries known as Heimdal. We intend to include Mac support in the future.



In the tables below, the following icons have the following meanings:

  • (tick) - Moonshot is available for this version of Mac OS through a repository and has been tested and verified as working.
  • (error) - Moonshot is not available for this version of Mac OS, and is known not to work (at least, not without a large amount of custom work).
  • (question) - Moonshot has not been tested on this version of Mac OS yet. Let us know if you have tried it!


Mac OS X / macOS (Yosemite onwards)(error)We intend to support macOS in early to mid-2017.